Getting Lost in the Stories We Spin

rabbi nina j mizrahi

Pafamily reconciliationrashat Vayeishev Sibling Rivalry

Genesis – it’s all about family dynamics

Links and rifts make their way through the generations

Children struggle or thrive – because of or in spite of …

Everyone competes for love

“Israel loved Joseph more than all of his sons…” (Genesis 37:3).

Perhaps Ecclesiastes is right that “there is nothing new under the sun (1:9)

We become lost in the stories we spin

And, though they do not serve us well,

They follow us into our adult lives.

Departing this world, our parents bequeath unfinished “family business”

Leaving us to…

Reconcile with our siblings

Repair rifts

Build or rebuild trust

Make peace.

In truth, this is avodat ha-kodesh –sacred family work.

“[Joseph’s] brothers saw that their father loved him more than all his brothers so they hated him…”

A hate so deep that “they could not speak with him peacefully” (37:3-4).

Peace is built out…

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