Why I Put Some Ice on That Bern — Medium

Alternatively titled: “Why I support Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders”

by Garrett Meyer

As a 19 year-old progressive college student with a penchant for supporting LGBT rights, college affordability, and electoral finance reform, my vote this election cycle should be obvious. “There’s only one candidate who’s firmly supported a myriad of progressive issues for their entire life!” my friends would (and still do) say to me. And though this may shock many of my friends that follow me on social media — who I’m sure are more than tired of my… “expressive” posts — I used to be a huge Bernie Sanders supporter.

And yet, not only do I find myself preparing to cast my first presidential ballot for Hillary Clinton, but I spend hours each week working on her campaign. After a great deal of thought and consideration, I wholeheartedly believe that no one is better equipped to lead this country than her.

Before I continue, let me preface with this: I align with Bernie Sanders on practically every issue. I have great respect for most of his positions, and he’s put forth some very good ones. My aim in writing this is not to be politically divisive, but to definitively outline why I support Mrs. Clinton in great detail. I doubt my reasons will change any minds, but I encourage those of you that don’t see things my way to keep an open mind by reading this. I’m all too aware that my thoughts don’t align with most in my age group (given that they swing toward Sanders), but this is just my opinion and I hope that you respect it.

Source: Why I Put Some Ice on That Bern — Medium


About Excitable Ape

Today is the best day of my life! I am the Artist In Residence of the Chicago Council on Science and Technology. I work as an expert in science communication for Harvard University. Along with my wife, the comics artist Sharon Rosenzweig, I create comics and comic videos for the Annals of Internal Medicine. I express my passion for promoting science literacy by creating science education materials that makes people laugh out loud.
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