Civilian casualties in Afghanistan hits all time high – UN report — RT News

I never, ever pay attention to the number of Afghan civilians killed by the US military and its allies in that country. Their lives/death are not as interesting to me as Bernie and Donald or even Pluto’s moons. I’m not proud of the fact and it does not speak well of my humanity. Nonetheless, when I run across some assessment of the toll. I occasionally post it. Not that I actually care about Afghan lives but rather, I consider info like this a useful reminder that, here in my Northshore Chicago bubble, I don’t. Shame on me.

“The number of civilians killed or injured in Afghanistan in 2015 was the highest in the last seven years amid increased fighting between pro-government forces and insurgent groups, including the Taliban, the United Nations said in its annual report.”

Source: Civilian casualties in Afghanistan hits all time high – UN report — RT News


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