On The Death Of A Brilliant Public Servant – @SaraJBenincasa

This well-written post by Sara Benincasa (@SaraJBenincasa) lucidly expresses what many of us feel. I wonder, however, how useful it might be for us to be less Scalia-like in our response to his passing. One could argue that two angers don’t make a love, that “only light can cast out darkness.” Scalia was a product of a bygone era. He held the racist, sexist, homophobic beliefs that were programmed into him, from childhood, by a culture he was merely born into. He followed 18th-century doctrines that allowed him to make sense of the world. (I love Downton Abbey too!) Yes, those/his views are, to modern eyes, heinous. But, in the 1950’s, they were normal, even progressive. He happily socialized and worked with negroes, women, even Jews! Not saying we shouldn’t celebrate Scalia’s eternal Hangout with Pol Pot and Jesse Helms, but maybe our side would be well-served if we practiced replacing his backward-looking animus with some future-embracing magnanimity of our own.

That said, here’s what Sara has to say…


I shall now proceed, with great enthusiasm and passion, to speak ill of the dead.

Source: On The Death Of A Brilliant Public Servant — Medium


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