Heart Anatomy


What’s the size of 2 fists, beats 100,000 times per day and has been working since you were smaller than a gummy bear?  The coolest muscle in your body… YOUR HEART!

When teaching about the heart, I like to start by getting my kids interested with “Heart a Facts.”  Every kid looks up a unique fact about the heart and shares it with the class.

Here are a few examples of favorites:

  • Your heart beats ~100,000 times per day and sends 2,000 gallons of blood through the blood vessels each day.
  • Heart disease has been found in 3,000 year old mummies.
  • Your heart starts beating at 4-5 weeks, when you are smaller than a gummy bear

We then transition to the heart’s anatomy, working from the inside out.  Students complete an activity called “Draw the Heart,” in which they go through a PowerPoint and create a diagram of the…

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About Excitable Ape

Today is the best day of my life! I am the Artist In Residence of the Chicago Council on Science and Technology. I work as an expert in science communication for Harvard University. Along with my wife, the comics artist Sharon Rosenzweig, I create comics and comic videos for the Annals of Internal Medicine. I express my passion for promoting science literacy by creating science education materials that makes people laugh out loud.
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