PressTV-‘Syria truce must stop aid to terrorists’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called for an effective supervision of the truce deal planned for Syria, saying the terrorists should not use the lull in the fighting for receiving more weapons and funds.

“The way the truce is monitored should be clarified and strict border controls should be put in place to prevent the movement of terrorists and the (delivery of) financial aid and arms to them,” Rouhani said in a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.

The Iranian president said the Syria ceasefire agreement, which has been reached between Russia and the United States, still contains ambiguities and shortcomings, adding that elimination of these deficiencies is necessary to do away with existing concerns.

Rouhani said any delivery of humanitarian aid to people in need in Syria should be carried out under the auspices of the Syrian government.

The Iranian president also called for the immediate release of hostages and those innocently detained by the warring sides.

The Russian president, for his part, reiterated the need for stricter controls on Syria’s borders to prevent the entry of terrorists and the transfer of weapons and logistical support to terrorist groups in Syria.

Source: PressTV-‘Syria truce must stop aid to terrorists’


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