Is the FBI Lying About Not Being Able To Unlock iPhones? – YouTube

I’m not saying the FBI is lying when they claim helplessness face of Apple’s iPhone unlock security system. I’m just saying that if I were the FBI and could unlock Apple iPhone security system I would want the world to believe I couldn’t.

It’s not like the FBI is not the ACLU. Its recorded history is loaded with blackmail, intimidation, abuses of privacy.  It’s enemies list included, thought criminals, antiwar protesters and civil rights leaders, most famously, Dr.  Martin Luther King.

It is challenging to believe Apple has created an unhackable OS. I remember the “unsinkable” ship?, the Titanic.

Of course, Apple has upped its security game over the past  years and obviously unlock protection has gotten stronger – But the FBI has MORE money than Donald Trump and access to more former apple programmers than you can shake a profit margin at. So it’s hard to imagine the bureau is stymied by a few lines of code.

So why would the FBI say it couldn’t unlock an iPhone if it really could?  Here are three of the best (among many) reasons:

1) Power Play –  With a legal precedent, especially one rooted in the insanely broad and vague All Writs Act of 1789, the agency would have clear legal authority for what it is already doing that might otherwise be of questionable legality.

2) Save Taxpayer Time and Money – Why go through the delay and expense of breaking every new security update from every tech company?  Why not just establish the legal ability to make any tech company with security you want to break if for you?

3) Fool the Felons –  The FBI would want  potential criminals and terrorists to think data stored on an iPhone is beyond the reach of government snoop; that what happens on your smartphone stays there. What better way to make that point than to pick a high-visibility fight with Apple.

Apple CEO Tim Cook wants to have a national discussion about security, privacy and government overreach.  Which seems a fine idea to me.

Again when the FBI says they can’t open the phone, there’s no reason to doubt. But it would seem “imprudent,” sez me, to not check their story out.

 The Lawful Use of Deception – Police Magazine


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