How Alabama Blacks Forgave Gov. George Wallace

In his 1962 inaugural address Alabama Gov. George Wallace (in)famously declared, “Segregation now. Segregation tomorrow. Segregation forever!” 20 years (and MUCH action) later, he won a fourth term as governor with over 90% of the black vote.  How did so many Alabama negroes not just forgive but embrace the man who was to segregation what Kanye West is to narcissism? Wallace admitted he was wrong, asked for forgiveness and Alabama’s black voters, to their unending credit, gave it.  Excellent lessons for all, especially as we approach Holocaust Memorial Day.


About Excitable Ape

Today is the best day of my life! I am the Artist In Residence of the Chicago Council on Science and Technology. I work as an expert in science communication for Harvard University. Along with my wife, the comics artist Sharon Rosenzweig, I create comics and comic videos for the Annals of Internal Medicine. I express my passion for promoting science literacy by creating science education materials that makes people laugh out loud.
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