What Has President Obama Ever Done For Us!



President Barack Obama’s approval rating has climbed 11% since last year.  WHY!


Well—apart from de-escalating two stupid and debilitating wars he didn’t start, apart from exterminating Osama bin Laden, apart from crushing Al Qaeda worldwide, apart from preventing another Great Depression, apart from providing health care for 20 million more Americans, apart from raising health insurance coverage to 90% of Americans, apart from lowering unemployment from 10% to below 5%, apart from our being free of catastrophic terrorism, apart from making college-financing affordable to our youth, apart from supplanting mostly foreign oil with domestic oil, apart from renewing relations and legalizing travel to Cuba, apart from burying the Cold War in the Americas, apart from stopping torture and restoring the Chief Executive’s adherence to the U.S. Constitution, apart from recognizing gay rights, apart from 74 straight months of U.S. economic growth, apart from reducing the rate of deficit spending to the lowest in…

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About Excitable Ape

Today is the best day of my life! I am the Artist In Residence of the Chicago Council on Science and Technology. I work as an expert in science communication for Harvard University. Along with my wife, the comics artist Sharon Rosenzweig, I create comics and comic videos for the Annals of Internal Medicine. I express my passion for promoting science literacy by creating science education materials that makes people laugh out loud.
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