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Finally Neuroscience has its own Comedy Channel?

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Parasitic Mind Control & Suicidal Love – YouTube

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Sciencing Valentine’s Day: 3 Angles of Attraction – Highlights – YouTube

On 24 January 2016, Fermilab Physicist Herman White, Cardiologist Stephen Devries of the Gaples Institute and UChicago Neurobiologist Peggy Mason joined C2ST Artist In Residence Aaron Freeman for a lively chat about Valentine’s Day from the perspectives of their individual … Continue reading


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Robert Sapolsky Interview: Toxoplasmosis – YouTube

The parasite that makes mice fall in love with cats and people behave stupidly.  It apparently changes the reaction of a brain area called the amygdala from fear to arousal.  Prof. Sapolsky speculates on how the very common bug may … Continue reading

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Could cannabis or Cannabidiol (CBD) cure acne?

Cannabis is known to be an efficient solution to serious dermatological conditions. Indeed, scientific studies have proven that cannabinoids as well as hemp seed oil have a positive impact on many issues, and can also improve overall skin quality. Source: … Continue reading

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YTN “ScIQ” Host Jayde Lovell Sciences ROMANCE! – YouTube

@jaydelovell is host of The Young Turk’s Network science show, “ScIQ” as part of our run up to Valentine’s day, I talked to her about how she sciences romance and attraction.

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