“The darkness must flow down the rivers

“The darkness must flow down the rivers of life’s… burgers?” http://ow.ly/lge830b8tHl

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I thought ghosting involved a friendly s

I thought ghosting involved a friendly sprit called Casper. This guy is cute, funny, smart. http://ow.ly/uh4230b5jhU

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Antarctica (the land without bears) is t

Antarctica (the land without bears) is technically a desert! Learn more right now! http://ow.ly/XuFz30b2ehn

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Can “redshirting” school kids legitima

Can “redshirting” school kids legitimately be called, “gaming” the education system? Is it “fair?” http://ow.ly/hPbG30aXHcH

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All Pharaoh’s Must Fall: A Passover Reflection on Sean Spicer

Well and disturbingly said, Rabbi. I remember the US used chemical weapons in Iraq also, Woe is us. http://go.shr.lc/2pupzep

Shalom Rav


(Crossposted with Truthout)

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has suggested that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is worse than Hitler, because, “Even Hitler didn’t sink to using chemical weapons.” He later added the “clarification” that “[Hitler] was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Assad is doing.”

There are so many things that are so horribly wrong about Spicer’s comments, it’s difficult to know where to start. I’ll limit myself to four points (and I’m not even going to touch his inscrutable reference to “Holocaust centers”):

#1: Our own allies have used US-supplied chemical weapons.

During its 2008-2009 military assault on Gaza, Israel dropped white phosphorous – a chemical that burns flesh down to the bone and can cause fatal damage to the liver, kidneys and the heart – on densely populated civilian centers.  Human Rights Watch (HRW) later issued a 71-page report, “

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Please judge this book by its cover

The brain is sooooo cool!

MeLookingAdoringlyAt2ndEdCover I look adoringly at the cover of the second edition of my textbook Medical Neurobiology, published by Oxford University Press and now available. My hope is that the book lives up to its cover…

Emmanuel Carrere said, “To write a book, you’ve got to be persuaded that you’re the only person who could write it.” A corollary to that is that the book that you are writing does not exist already because you are not only the only person alive but the only person for all time. A tall order that is slightly mitigated by the steady accumulation of new knowledge and happenings, rendering many of today’s books not writable in previous eras.

When I decided to write Medical Neurobiology almost 10 years ago, I knew that the book I thought had to be written did not exist. Neuro’ textbooks for medical students were in fact written by research scientists…

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My fav proto-feminist cigarette commerci

My fav proto-feminist cigarette commercial. Haven’t thought of it in years but Don Draper would have been proud! http://ow.ly/f6uQ30aMwJk

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